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Data Import and Post Processing

The NERC FSF, along with our Users, have developed scripts and templates to aid in importing data from ASD, SVC and Spectral Evolution spectroradiometers into your spreadsheet/programming language of choice. We currently reccomend using the Spectragryph software or our phython Jupyter notebook to go through basic postprocessing and collation of your data. If you have any comments, or have your own scripts which you would like to share here, please contact us.

FSF Instrument and Panel Calibration Files

Tutorial for using Spectragryph for postprocessing field spectroscopy files (Word document)


FSF's Github

Matlab Toolbox


Excel Templates

ENVI Spectral Libraries

Specral Response Functions

3rd Party Software

Other Processing and File Management Software

  • ASD ViewSpec Pro Processing & Viewing Software
  • Ecosystem Spectral Information System (EcoSIS) Spectral Library
  • SPECCHIO Online Spectral Database
  • Spectral Analysis and Management System (SAMS)

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