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FSF Optical Laboratory Equipment & Calibration Standards

The world class calibration facilities of the Field Spectroscopy Facility are available to academic and research institutes in the UK and Europe for the calibration of remote sensing field spectroradiometers. These services include the system response calibration of instruments for spectral radiance and irradiance measurements, and the calibration of reference panels for spectral diffuse reflectance measurements. The facility also offers a wavelength validation service for quantifying the spectroradiometer's wavelength scale errors.

Our laboratory facilities can also be accessed for your own calibration/validation/intercalibration projects.

Below is a list of some of our avaliable equipment and standards. This list is not exhaustive - please get in contact with us if you have any questions regarding the FSF Laboratory. Please note - laboratory use is subjuect to avaliablity and application. Please see our Loans page for more information on how to apply.

Calibration Standards & Equipment

Table 1 lists the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) calibrated standards used by the facility to perform the calibration services. Addition items of equipment used in the laboratory are listed in table 2.

Table 1 Calibration Standards
Spectral Standard Equipment Spectral Range NPL Certificate No.
Spectral radiance source Labsphere Helios high performance source 380 - 2500 nm 2016020157-RB1-17
Spectral radiance source Sphere Optics LR-20 custom sphere source 380 - 2500 nm 2013030091-RB4-13
Spectral irradiance source Gooch & Housego 1KWatt FEL lamp 250 - 2500 nm 2016020157-IB2-16
Spectral reflectance panel Labsphere SRT-99-050 Spectralon target 380 - 2500 nm E05090223

Table 2 Additional Equipment
Equipment Services
Macam L203 photometer Independent verification of illuminance & luminance levels
Macam SMU203 spot measurement accessory Independent verification of radiance source luminance levels
Gooch & Housego OL 410-1000 stabilised current source Stabilised power supply for FEL irradiance standard
Ar, Hg-Ar, Kr, Ne & Xe spectral line lamps Wavelength scale verification > 40 spectral emission lines 350 - 2500nm
Labsphere erbium oxide doped reflectance panel Wavelength scale verification (488, 522.2, 653.9, 799.2 .. 1534.4 nm)
NPL calibrated McCrone filter Wavelength scale verification (481, 588.6, 748.4, 869.2 .. 2326.8 nm)
Calibrated Mylar sheets (NIST Traceable) Wavelength scale verification (1128.7, 1659.9, 1904.6, ... 2444.5 nm)
Analytical Spectral Devices filter wheel & fibre source ASD FieldSpec Pro linearity and noise tests

Verification Service for Field Spectroradiometers

The FSF calibration laboratory is available to NERC UK researchers to verify the calibration and performance of their own field spectroradiometers & accessories. Access to the FSF calibration Laboratory through the Application Form

Verification Equipment
Verification of wavelength scale Spectral line emission lamps, > 40 points 350 - 2500nm, absorption filters
Reference panel 8°/T reflectance factors Labsphere Spectralon Reference Tile
Verification of radiance calibration NPL calibrated radiance sphere source
Verification of irradiance calibration NPL calibrated irradiance FEL irradiance standard

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