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Calibration Files

Absolute Reflectance Files for FSF Reference Panels

The facilty supplies Spectralon reference panels for diffuse reflectance measurements with the field spectroradiometers. The surface of these panels is very fragile and great care must be taken to avoid damage or contamination during field use. Each panel has a unique absolute reflectance calibration file for the spectral range 350 to 2500nm. The spectral reflectance of the panels are cleaned, calibrated and certified prior to each loan. The new calibration files are saved in an Excel workbook . Regular updates to the spreadsheet are added during the year and it is necessary to match the Excel file to the reference on the panel's calibration certificate. The absolute reflectance values stored is this file are used by the FSF Excel templates to convert the relative reflectance data to absolute reflectance values.

Radiometric Calibration Files for FSF Field Spectroradiometers

The Field Spectroscopy Facility performs routine spectral radiance and irradiance calibrations on its spectroradiometers and their accessories using the NPL calibrated standards. The system spectral response calibration files for each spectroradiometer and its optional input optical accessories are stored Excel files. These are upadted regularly and available from the Radiometric Calibration Workbook. This calibration data is used by the FSF Excel templates to convert the raw data numbers from the spectroradiometer into calibrated spectral radiance or irradiance values.

FSF Reference Panel Calibration Files FSF Radiometric Calibration Files
FSF Reference Reflectance Panel Calibration files (zip file) ASD and SVC Radiometric Calibration Files (zip file)
FSF Reference Reflectance Panel Calibration files 2019 (.xls file)

FSF Reference Panel Cal. File Archive FSF Radiometric Cal. File Archive
FSF Reference Reflectance Panel Cal. File Archive(zip file) ASD and SVC Radiometric Cal. File Archive (zip file)

Please contact FSF staff if you require further details or are seeking one of the previous year's calibration files.