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Spectral response functions

Spectral response functions (bands) are provided for a number of instruments. These can be convolved with field spectra for comparison, ground truth or calibration purposes. The files can be loaded into MATLAB using the Post Processing Toolbox described above.

The Field Spectroscopy Facility does not gaurantee the accuracy or vailidty of these data. Please use them with care! We welcome all corrections, additions and contributions; please email iain@physics.org.

File Instrument
ALI Advanced land imager
ASTER Advanced spaceborne thermal emission and reflection radiometer
ATSR-1 Along track scanning radiometer 1
ATSR-2 Along track scanning radiometer 2
AVHRR Advanced very high resolution radiometer
CHRIS Compact high resolution imaging specrometer
CZCS Coastal zone color scanner
IKONOS2 Ikonos earth observation satellite
Kompsat2 Korea multi-purpose satellite 2
Landsat4TM Landsat 4 thematic mapper
Landsat5TM Landsat 5 thematic mapper
Landsat7TM Landsat 7 thematic mapper
LandsatMSS Landsat multispectral scanner
MERIS Medium resolution imaging spectrometer
MISR Multi-angle imaging spectroradiometer
MODISAqua Moderate resolution imaging spectrometer flight model 1
MODISTerra Moderate resolution imaging spectrometer protoflight model
OCTS Ocean color temperature sensor
OSMI Ocean scanning multispectral imager
POLDER Polarization and directionality of the earth's reflectances
SeaWiFS Sea-viewing wide field-of-view sensor

Contributer information

These sets of spectral response functions were provided by Michael Steven and Tim Malthus.

Disclaimer for FSF user group resources

By providing these resources to the user community the Field Spectroscopy Facility (FSF) takes no responsibility for the use of the software or any other resources provided on this webpage. While all reasonable steps have been taken by FSF to ensure that the resources contributed to this group perform the task described, the FSF cannot be held responsible for any problems experienced while using the datasets. Any questions or technical issues relating to an individual item should be directed to the original contributor, and not directly to the FSF. The original contributor retains the IPR for their software/program.

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