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Creating Reflectance Libraries with ENVI Spectral Library Builder

The ENVI* visualisation software platform includes a number of mineral and vegetation spectral libraries which can be used for spectrum identification, feature extraction, anomaly detection, target finding and material mapping. The Spectral Library Builder within ENVI allows for your specific field spectral reflectance data files to be added to these data bases and re-sampled to match the hyper spectral or multi-bands of the airborne or satellite images.

The aim of this guide, presently in draft form, is to provide step by step instructions for creating your ENVI spectral library with you spectral reflectance data from a Spectra Vista HR-1024TM / HR-768TM field spectroradiometer. Instructions for handling reflectance data from the ASD FieldSpec will also be added shorly. The guide will include information on the spectral resolution of the instruments and data re-sampling.

* ENVI, from ITT Visual Information Solutions is a visualisation software platform for viewing and analysis of hyper spectral images

TM:- HR-1024 & HR-768 are trademarks of Spectra Vista Corporation.


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