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Software and Models

This page provides links to models and software, of relevance to field spectroscopy, that are hosted on the FSF website. Please note that whilst the FSF is pleased to make these programs available to the field spectroscopy community we are not able to provide individual support to software users.

Microtops Inverse (Tsanev, V.I. and Mather, T.A., 2007) is a software package designed to allow the retrieval, from Microtops II measurements, of columnar optical thickness of aerosols concentrated in plumes (from volcanoes, fires or industrial plants). For further information or to download the software packages click here.

LIBERTY (Leaf Incorporating Biochemistry Exhibiting Reflectance and Transmittance Yields) is a radiative transfer model developed by Dawson et al., (1998) to simulate coniferous needle optical properties. LIBERTY allows prediction of the reflectance and transmittance spectra of a coniferous needle, or stack of coniferous needles, in the visible and near infrared wavelengths (400 - 2500 nm). For more information click here.

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