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UAV Instrumentation

The NERC FSF currently provides a range of high performance UAV mounted multi-spectral and hyper-spectral sensors. These are available through the same application method as our standard Spectrometer systems, though due to the complexities of operation UAV equipment, only to researchers who have / can access pilots with a valid PfCO licence or similar.

By clicking on the links below you will find further information on the sensor, and the UAV system to which it is mounted.

FSF UAV Instrumentation:

  • Headwall Photonics Co-Aligned VNIR-SWIR Sensor with LiDAR
  • SAL Maia S2 Multispectral Sentinel 2 matched camera
  • SAL Maia WV Multispectral WorldView-2 matched camera
  • MicaSense Altum and RedEdge-M Multispectral cameras
  • Zenmuse XT2 from DJI and FLIR - Radiometric Thermal Camera
  • We offer full complementary UAV ground equipment, including:

  • Calibrated Spectralon reflectance panels (25x25cm)
  • Calibrated Ground Targets
  • Spare battery & power options
  • Safety and Fire equipment
  • All required flight hardware and software
  • Guidelines for UAV Pilot Competency

    Please note, it is the pilot's responsibility to ensure that a suitable risk assessment has been carried out, suitable and applicable permissions are in place, and that flights are undertaken to PfCO guidelines. As with all of our equipment, while it is in your possession, it is your / your institutions responsibility to insure it for all damages.

    Before FSF loan a UAV system, FSF must be satisfied that the user has a pilot available who is sufficiently experience in all aspects of UAV operations. This will include risk assessment for flight operations, flight planning, knowledge of all applicable laws and regulations for the country or region in which the UAV will be operated, and experience undertaking UAV surveys.

    • If the pilot has a PfCO or equivalent, this will likely be acceptable, providing the pilot has at least 2 hours UAV flight time in the 90 days previous to the loan.

    • If the pilot does not hold a PfCO or equivalent, FSF will ask for previous examples of UAV flight, with examples of risk assessments that have been undertaken. The pilot must also have at least 2 hours UAV flight time in the 90 days previous to the loan.

    • You may still apply to loan a UAV before you have a named pilot.

    • The institution or individual who loans the UAV will be responsible for the operation, maintenance, recording of log books, personal liability insurance (to comply with EC Regulation 785/2004), equipment insurance, and all aspects of UAV operation in accordance with local laws and regulations.

    FSF may be able to put you in touch with commercial UAV pilots if you require, however, please note that commercial UAV pilot rates are around £550/day and are not included in basic FSF UAV loans.

    If you have any further questions, please do contact us for any further information.

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