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Field Spectroradiometers

The NERC FSF currently provides a range of high performance field portable spectroradiometers and an FTIR spectrometer for loan or hire. A range of accessories are also available to support different sampling methodologies. If you are unsure of your requirements, please email us at fsf@nerc.ac.uk to discuss your intended application.

Field spectroradiometers include:

  • Spectral Evolution PSR+ 3500 (350-2500 nm)
  • SVC HR-1024i series (350-2500 nm)
  • ASD FieldSpec Pro FR (350-2500 nm)
  • ASD FieldSpec FR3 High Res. (350-2500 nm)
  • Ocean Optics QE Pro Fluorescence (645-810 nm; 0.3 nm FWHM resolution)
  • Panels and ground targets for airborne imaging
  • The NPL Gonio RAdiometric Spectrometer System (GRASS) BRDF system
  • Legacy Equipment
  • Field spectroscopy acessories include:

  • Calibrated Spectralon reflectance panels (25x25cm)
  • Tripods and mounting jigs
  • Battery & power options
  • Contact reflectance probes
  • Leaf clips (for reflectance probes)
  • 1mm FOV contact probes
  • 11x9m Ground reflectance targets for empirical line correction
  • 1x1m Ground reflectance targets for UAV surveys
  • Irradiance integrating spheres
  • Diffuse/total reflectance integrating sphere
  • Petri-dish turntable with illumination source

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