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Panels and Ground Targets

The FSF has a number of calibrated reflectance panels and targets for use with field spectroscopy, and larger ground targets for use with areal surveying. The list below is in development, and is not exhaustive - please contact the FSF if you are unsure if we have what you need, as we may be able to acquire it.

For historic panel calibration files, please see: our calibration archive

Calibrated Reflectance Panels

We have a number of 99% Reflectance Spectralon Panels that are avaliable. These are calibrated in our lab, and can be used as a reference target for field spectroscopy.

We also have a limited number of low reflectance (50%) targets for use with multispectral cameras such as the MicaSense RedEdge or Parrot SEQUOIA.

Ground Targets

We also have a number of large (~10x~10m) ground targets. These are made from sailcloth, and while not as relfective as spectralon, are more practical to use as ground targets for geolocation and basic empirical line correction. Please get in contact if you wish to use these.

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