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ASD FieldSpec Pro System


The Facility has three Analytical Spectral Devices (ASD) FieldSpec Pro spectroradiometers available for loan. ASD's flagship model, the FieldSpec Pro is the industry standard for a wide range of challenging Remote Sensing applications, and offers superior signal-enhancing features and high resolution with a 350 - 2500 nm spectral range. The instrument is backpack-mounted to enable the collection of spectral measurements wherever you want to go. Acquiring field data has never been faster or easier!

Designed to collect solar reflectance, radiance and irradiance measurements, these instruments are ideal for applications in mining, optical remote sensing, oceanography, forestry, plant physiology and geology. With exceptional portability, the FieldSpec Pro is compact and easy to set up, letting you collect more data from more sites in less time.

A new addition to the Facility are two Contact Reflectance Probes, which can be fixed as a foreoptic attachment to the fibre-optic cable to provide all-weather spectral capabilities for the FieldSpec Pro. This attachment brings the ASD FieldSpec in line with other instruments such as the PIMA SP, allowing the user to collect high quality reflectance spectra over a range of surfaces, with improved signal to noise ratios, thus making it ideal for spectral library creation across a range of applications.


Spectral Range:
350-2500 nm
Sampling Interval:
1.4 nm, 350-1000 nm
2 nm, 1000-2500 nm
Spectral Resolution (FWHM):
3 nm @ 700 nm
10 nm @ 1400
12 nm @ 2100nm
One 512 element VNIR silicon photodiode array (350-1000 nm)
Two separate, TE cooled, graded index SWIR InGaAs photodiodes (1000-2500 nm)
1.4 m fiber optic light guide
Fore Optics Field of View:
8°, 18°, 25°
Additional Fore Optics:
Cosine diffuser - irradiance measurements
High intensity contact probe
Typical scan time (perfect skies):
< 3 second
Power source:
Mains, external NiMH rechargeable cells, or 12V batteries
13" x 4.5" x 16"
7.2 kg
Other Features:
DriftLock dark current compensation to ensure high accuracy

Example Solar Spectrum Measured with ASD FieldSpec

Example Applications

  • Mineral Analysis (Contact Probe)
  • Vegetation Science
  • Spectral Solar Irradiance
  • Airborne and Satellite Sensor Calibration and Validation
  • Directional Measurements (BRDF)
  • Spectral Library Creation
  • Resources

  • Instrument guides
  • Software
  • Calibration files
  • Log sheet
  • ASD Wavelength Interpolation Guide with Example Spreadsheet

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