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SVC HR-1024i Field Spectroradiometer

SVC HR-1024 with PDA SVC HR-1024 with irradiance sphere SVC HR-1024i mounted on a jib SVC HR-1024 with PDA


The HR-1024i from the Spectra Vista Corp. (SVC) is the latest model from their next generation of high performance single-beam field spectroradiometer measuring over the visible to short-wave infrared wavelength range (350-2500nm). The HR-1024i features include, integral graphic display, internal camera, low noise indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) photodiode arrays for the SWIR spectrum, higher resolution throughout, internal GPS with automtic time and location data saved with each data file's meta data, robust compact light weight housing, external detector interface and wireless communication to laptop, Trimble tablet or PDA computers.

The HR-1024i can be operated through its Panasonic Toughbook computer with full graphic, data storage and functional control. For greater convenience a rugged PDA provides control of the system with graphing and data capture. In stand-alone mode, the instrument is 'autonomous' with touch screen graphic display for control and data capture and storage through the spectroradiometer's internal processor without the need for an external computer.

Three interchange fore optic lenses are included with the system together with a fibre optic light guide giving a wide range of fields of view to suit each application. The HR-1024i and be configure with the FSF custom integrating sphere for high precision downwelling irradiance measurements. A shade arm can also be fitted to the integrating sphere for diffuse / sky irradiance measurements.

Data from a suite of external sensors including the Delta-T sunshine sensor are automatically saved to the HR-1024i through a second Bluetooth interface. This provides a quality check on the stability of the ambient light conditions during spectral data acquisition.

The spectroradiometer can be tripod mounted with the internal laser providing precise alignment to the target. Alternatively the HR-1024i can be mounted on a monopod or hand held for either stand-alone or PC control. A backpack is available for carrying the spectroradiometer when used with the fibre optic light guide.

'Freshly' calibrated reference reflectance panels are supplied with HR-1024i kit. The spectroradiometer is also calibrated with each fore optic lens for spectral radiance and with the integrating sphere for spectral irradiance.

A selection of tripods, a jib and a monopod are available form the facility. Battery chargers and car adaptors are also provided.


Spectral Range
350-2500 nm
Sampling Interval (nominal)
1.5 nm, 350-1000 nm
3.8 nm, 1000-1890 nm
2.5 nm, 1890-2500 nm
Spectral Resolution (FWHM)
3.5 nm @ 700 nm
9.5 nm @ 1500nm
6.5 nm @ 2100 nm
Scanning Time
Automatic with programmable options or manual control. Typical multi-scan acquisition time <10 seconds
3 dispersion gratings spectrometers:
VNIR = Silicon photodiode array
SWIR1 = Indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) photodiode array
SWIR2 = Extended InGaAs photodiode array
Fore Optic Lenses - Field of View
4°, 7°, 14°
Fore Optic Accessories
Fibre optic light guide - FOV - 25°
Irradiance integrating sphere
Leaf reflectance probe with internal light source
Target image capture
Automatic image capture with internal camera. Manual override
Internal GPS with data saved into each files header
Dark Current
Automatic, prior to each scan
Power source
Interchangeable 7.4V lithium ion rechargeable battery packs
22cm x 29cm x 8cm
3.9 kg.

Example of Reflectance Spectra from the SVC HR-1024i

SVC reflectance spectra

Example Applications

  • Vegetation Science
  • Soil Science
  • Mineral Analysis
  • Airborne and Satellite Sensor Calibration and Validation
  • Laboratory Spectroscopy Applications
  • Resources

  • Instrument guides (including DFOV configuration)
  • Software
  • Calibration files
  • Log sheet