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GER1500 Underwater housing

GER1500 Underwater housing


The Facility has recently bought an underwater housing for use with our GER1500s. It is rated to a depth of 40m. Inside the housing the GER1500 is aligned to allow both the lens and the laser to be seen through the field of view window. The laser is used to align target and panel measurements underwater. The GER1500 is operated using a rotary switch with push button control on the back of the housing, to alter the instrument settings. It is possible to change all instrument settings once the GER1500 is inside the underwater housing without having to remove it. The LCD display on the instrument can be seen clearly through the rear end plate. A remote trigger pigtail can be positioned either side of the instrument to take target and reference measurements. The system is sealed with "O" ring seals and overcentre latches to make the housing water tight.

Inside the housing, the instrument is run in stand alone mode which allows the operator to take up to 500 individual scans on its on-board memory. The instrument is run off a 2.2 aH, 12V gel battery which is mounted on a plate and fits inside the housing. The rear end plate has a download port so that a computer can be attached to download data, without removing the instrument from the housing.


Spectral Range
350 - 1050 nm
Spectral Sampling
1.5 nm over the range 300 - 1100 nm
Spectral Resolution
3 nm over the range 300 - 1100 nm
Field of View
16 bit
Typical scan time
4 seconds
Power source
2.2 aH, 12V battery
37cm x 40cm x 22cm,
Weight (instrument plus underwater housing - not including ballast weight)
10.8 Kg
Environmental Limits
-10 to 50° C.
Depth limit for FSF users
30 metres
Slightly positively buoyant. However, with a 1 kg weigth attached to the rails on the outside of the housing the instrument and housing are negatively buoyant.

Example Applications

  • Biodiversity assessment
  • Water quality assessment
  • Water column attenuation measurements
  • Underwater spectral library measurements
  • Resources

    If you wish to borrow this item then please contact the FSF Operations Manager directly on 0131 6505926 or email us.