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Wetlabs AC-S underwater spectral absorption and attenuation meter

Wetlabs AC-S being deployed


A Wetlabs AC-S underwater spectral absorption and attenuation meter is now available for loan from FSF. If you are interested in borrowing this instrument please apply using the standard FSF loan application form.

The AC-S is a hyperspectral instrument for measuring the inherent optical properties of water. It offers almost an order of magnitude increase in spectral resolution of in-situ absorption and beam attenuation coefficients. The instrument features a proven flow-through system, compact size, and excellent stability. With 80+ wavelength outputs from 400-730 nm, the 4 nm resolution allows for spectral 'fingerprinting' and deconvolution analysis. A 25-cm pathlength is employed for effective measurement of the cleanest natural waters.


Please note the following specification has been extracted from the Wetlabs AC-S data sheet and has not been verified by FSF.


Temperature range 0-30 deg C

Depth rating 500 m

Pressure sensor optional


Spectral range 400-730 nm

Spectral range 400-730 nm;Bandpass 15 nm/channel;Pathlength 10 or 25 cm;Beam cross-section 8 mm dia.(nominal)

Linearity = 99% R².Output wavelengths 80-90;Resolution 4 nm;

Precision:(400-449 nm)+/-0.005 m-1 typ., 0.012 m-1 max @ 4 Hz;>+/-0.003 m-1 typ.,0.006 m-1 max @ 1 Hz

(450-730 nm) +/-0.001m-1 typ., 0.003 m-1 max @ 4 Hz;>+/-0.0005 m-1typ.,0.0015 m-1 max @ 1 Hz

Accuracy +/-0.01 m-1

Dynamic range 0.001-10 m-1


Diameter 4.1 in (10.4 cm);Length 31 in (79 cm),Weight in air 13 lbs (5.9 kg);Weight in water 2.5 lbs (1.1 kg)

Pressure housing Acetal copolymer


Input 10-35 VDC;Current draw 0.83 A @ 12 V nominal;Serial output RS-232, -422, or -485

Connector MCBH6Mm

Sample rate 4 scans/sec., nominal

Example Applications

  • Primary productivity studies
  • Calibration and validation activities
  • Radiative transfer studies
  • Ocean observing systems
  • Resources

    If you wish to borrow this item then please contact the FSF Operations Manager directly on 0131 6505926 or email us.

  • Wetlab's home page
  • AC-S Manufacturer's User guide