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Sea Bird WETStar Fluorometer


FSF's Sea Bird Scientific WETStar Fluorometer is available for loan. Suitable for a range of chlorophyll-a and phycoerythrin detection, and dye studies using fluorescein or Rhodamine.

The meter has a unique flow tube design that lends itself to both pump-through and flow-through operation. It's power input of 7-15 VDC and 0-5 VDC analog output allow it to easily mate with existing CTD packages. These miniature, low cost, low power optical instruments provide comparable performance to other fluorometers at a fraction of their cost, power requirements, and size. WETStar employs a novel optical flow tube design that lends itself to both pumpthrough and flow-through operation. It is easily mated with existing CTD packages and available with digital output.


For more details, please see Sea Bird's website: WETStar Fluorometer.

If you wish to borrow our WETStar fluorometer then please contact the FSF Operations Manager directly on 0131 6505926 or email us.

More to follow...