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Walz Diving-PAM Underwater Fluorometer

Walz Diving-PAM


A Walz Diving-PAM underwater fluorometer is being stored by FSF on behalf of a 3rd party. This instrument may be made available for selected research projects on specific approval from the owner. In the 1st instance please contact FSF to discuss availability.

The Diving-PAM underwater fluorometer is used to study in situ photosynthesis by chlorophyll fluorescence analysis. It can be used in underwater studies of sea grass, underwater plants, macroalgae and coral. The Diving-PAM is rated to a depth of 50m, has a extrenal fibre optic sensor and a number of purpose designed sample holders. All necessary underwater commands are via a touch sensitive keypad. The instrument automatically displays and records fluorescence yield(F), maximal yield(Fm) and photosynthesis yield (Y=deltaF/Fm'). The fluorometer stores up to 4000 datasets in internal memory for later transfer to a PC.


Please note the following specification has been extracted from the Diving-PAM data sheet and has not been independently verified by FSF

Measuring light source:
Red LED, emission peak at 650 nm; 12 intensity settings, standard intensity 0.15 mmol m-2 s-1 PAR; modulation frequency 0.6 or 20 kHz; Auto 20 kHz function; burst-mode, 1/5 integrated intensity
Halogen lamp:
8 V/20 W blue enriched, filtered to give l<710 nm; 12 intensity settings, max. intensity 6000 mmol m-2 s-1 PAR with continuous actinic illumination, max. intensity 18000 mmol m-2 s-1 PAR during saturation pulses
Signal detection:
PIN-photodiode protected by long-pass filter (l>710 nm); selective window amplifier (patented)
Micro controller:
CMOS 80C52
Data memory:
CMOS RAM 128 kB, providing memory for 4000 data sets
Measured parameters:T
Fo, Fm, Fm', F, Fv/Fm (max. Yield), DF/Fm' (Yield), qP, qN, NPQ, PAR (using fiber quantum sensor), ETR (i.e. PAR x DF/Fm'), water temperature, water depth
2 x 24 character alphanumerical LC-display with backlight, character size 4.5 mm
User interface: Size
1 x 8 touch-sensitive keypad
PAR measurement:
0 to 20000 mmol m-2 s-1 PAR, in steps of 1 mmol m-2 s-1 PAR; using fiber quantum sensor
Water temperature measurement:
-10 C to +60 deg C, in steps of 1 C
Water depth measurement:
0 to -70 m, in steps of 0.1 m
Data output:
Data transfer on PC via RS 232 using WinControl Software
Power supply:
Internal rechargeable battery 12 V/2.1 Ah, providing power for up to 1000 yield measurements; Battery Charger MINI-PAM/L(90-260V AC)
Operating temperature:
-5 to +45 deg C
Diameter 19 cm, length 39 cm
3.7 kg



If you wish to borrow this item then please contact the FSF Operations Manager directly on 0131 6505926 or email us. However, please remember this instrument is not owned by the FSF and approval for its use is at the discetion of the owner.