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Welcome to the contacts page for NERC FSF. An introduction to members of staff at the Facility is provided, along with e-mail contacts. Please feel free to contact the FSF Manager if you have any queries relating to the Equipment Facility.

Dr. Steve Hancock, Director.

Steve is a lecturer in 3D environmental data capture. Steve's research concentrates on developing methods to measure vegetation structure with remote sensing instruments and using those measurements to better understand climate, weather and ecological processes

Mr Jack Gillespie, Operations Manager.

Jack joined the FSF in November 2018, and works alongside Robbie to ensure that equipment is in excellent condition, calibrated, and arrives with the user in time and in once peice! Jack now manages the faclity, helps to train users, develop methodologies and data processing for multispectral, hyperspectral, and EO data. He is a UAV pilot, and flys FSF's flagship Co-Aligned VNIR-SWIR Sensor with LiDAR. Jack is a BSc Geography graduate from the University of Edinburgh, and since graduating has taught Geography field courses in North Wales and Devon, before becoming a surveryor for the E.U. LUCAS 2018 project prior to joining the FSF.

Dr Robbie Ramsay, Earth Observation Equipment Specialist.

Robbie conducted his PhD research at the University of Edinburgh, investigating the surface-atmosphere exchange of trace gases and aerosol particles. He operates the in-house optical calibration laboratory, ensuring the calibration, validation and quality assurance of the facility's field and laboratory equipment.

Mr Alex Merrington, Operations Technician.

My research into the use of Earth Observation at a range of scales, from satellite to drone data, has allowed me to gain expertise in: the technical aspects of remote sensing; safe drone operation for high quality, actionable data in land management decisions; and complex operational workflows for remote sensing data in Python. All of this has led to my current role as the Operations Technician within the NERC Field Spectroscopy Facility, supporting the use of spectroscopic and drone-borne instruments in high quality science across the UK, and in international collaborations, to help solve environmental and ecological problems our planet faces.

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