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Useful References

The references included on this page are a range of papers that provide a good introduction to field spectroscopy. This is not by any means a comprehensive list, there are loads of other papers out there. This is just a small selection to give those of you who are relatively new to field spectroscopy, a place to begin your literature search.


Asrar, G. (1989). Theory and applications of optical remote sensing. New York, John Wiley and Sons. (Chapter 2 summarises a few relevant approaches)

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Duggin, M. J. (1983). The effect of irradiation and reflectance variability on vegetation condition assessment. International Journal of Remote Sensing 4(3): 601-608. (Influence of extraneous factors)

Duggin, M. J. and T. Cunia (1983). Ground reflectance measurement techniques - a Comparison. Applied Optics 22(23): 3771-3777. (Comparison of methods)

George, D.G., Malthus, T.J. (2001). Using a compact airborne spectrographic imager to monitor phytoplankton biomass in a series of lakes in north Wales. Science of the Total Environment, 268:215-226. (Empirical approach to analysis)

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Malthus, T.J., George, DG, (1997). Airborne remote sensing of aquatic macrophytes in Cefni Reservoir, Anglesey, UK. Aquatic Botany, 58:317-332. (Example of use of discriminant analysis)

Malthus, T.J., Karpouzli, E. (2003). Integrating field and high spatial resolution satellite based methods for monitoring shallow submersed aquatic habitats in the Sound of Eriskay, Scotland, UK. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 24(13):2585-2593. (Example of empirical line method applied)

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