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Successful field spectroscopy training course, December 05

13 students attended the first highly successful Introduction to Field Spectroscopy Facility course, run by FSF in Edinburgh on the 19th and 20th of December 2005. Aimed at first and second year PhD students, the free course provided an introduction to instrumentation, techniques and best practice in field spectroscopy and its role as a primary research tool and in support of wider earth observation research. Whilst new users of FSF instrumentation always receive training in the specific use of the instrument they will borrow for their research, they often get little help in the design and execution of measurements in the field. This new course, which was taught by FSF staff, was thus aimed to better equip new users with the skills and know-how to improve both the measurements made in the field and the analysis of the data collected. The course also served the purpose of bringing together a community of largely new users to share ideas on the design and conduct of optical field measurements. The course was rated highly by all those who attended.

It is intended to make the course an annual event, so look out for course information later this year.