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The NERC Field Spectroscopy Facility contract has been renewed. (Up dated May 2010) Following the Field Spectroscopy Facility scoring maximum grades in the Services Review Group round, undertaken by NERC Services and Facilities in early 2009. The Facility's contract will be renewed with the School of Geoscience, University of Edinburgh for a further 5 years from April 2010. The reviews are held regularly for each NERC supported Service/Facility to ensure that they continue to provide cost-effective research support relevant to NERC's science objectives. FSF obtained maximum (5) scores in all the four categories in which it was reviewed (need, uniqueness, quality of service, quality of science and training), the highest score of any of the facilities reviewed in 2009. Reviewers comments were highly flattering including such statements as:

  • 'the Facility's equipment is state-of-the-art and evolving to meet user demands';
  • 'a well run cost effective facility, serving a wide range of community needs.'
  • 'The SRG considered the quality of science being undertaken was 'very impressive'
  • 'the User community has praised the quality of service provided by the Facility

The SRG Complemented the Facility on the level of training it makes available to users and those attending the Introduction to Field Spectroscopy course

The review group acknowledged the global distribution of projects supported by the Facility and commented that this was a particular strength. In addition, the review group recognised the scope for collaboration with other NERC Facilities and encouraged FSF to pursue these.

A pdf of the report submitted to the SRG can be down loaded here